optical equipment

Whether you are looking for lab or field optical test equipment, PhotonCom products bring you the integrity you expect of your measurement instruments, revived and updated to the latest technologies.



Helium Neon Lasers

Helium-Neon Lasers

Frequency-locked stbilization system
Low power consumption
Easy drop-in replacement

Single Mode Coupler

OCE Coupler/Splitter Series

Singlemode dual window
Low insertion

Optical Switch

Optical Switches

Solid-state technology or Electromechanical
Long durability and high reliability
Low insertion loss and PDL

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ASE Broadband Light Sources

ASE Broadband Light Sources

High spectral density and stability
Low ripple and flat spectrum
Wide wavelength range

More to Come

Custom Projects

Equipment designed to your specifications
Backward compatible with your existing test set-up

Need a specific design?

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