ase broadband light source

The ASE Light Source BLS Series is an ultra-stable high gain optical amplifier unit designed for applications requiring high optical power over a wide wavelength spectrum. A great remplacement for your used ASE source, our units provide a light source of 20 dbm.

It is a self-contained, rack-mount unit designed to supply the required spectral density across the intended wavelength range. The C+L band ASE model covers the span from 1528 to 1608 nm, that is ideal for the interrogation of fiber Bragg grating sensors.



ASE Light Source BLS Series

Key Features

High spectral density
High spectral stability
Low ripple and flat spectrum
Low coherence
Coverage of wide wavelength range

ASE Light Source BLS Series


DWDM component characterization
Fiber optic sensing
Optical measurement system
Replacement of used ASE source

ASE Light Source BLS Series

Additional Outputs

Additional power outputs are available upon request.


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