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Whether in the optical telecommunications field or in a development environment for industrial testing or automation, we deliver innovative solutions matching your requirements.

With a focus on cost-efficiency while maintaining performance integrity, our unique expertise in systems integration allows us to create solutions with much smaller footprint and power requirements than your former test systems.

PhotonCom brings your test bench at the frontline of tomorrow's technologies.




Optical Equipment

PhotonCom product lines are geared to your specialized testing needs.



Build your own PXI solutions with PhotonCom PXI TZ Series.


Custom Development

We provide you with the test system solution that addresses your challenges.


June 10th 2013

  • PhotonCom launches the PXI TZ Card Series.

Part of Photoncom’s PXI series of products, the TZ card was developed to enable test jig designers to create the circuits they need and combine it to the power of the latest ARM technology, the flexibility of a Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA then deploy it into any PXI/cPCI shelf. PhotonCom’s TZ microprocessor, I/Os and memory will run an OS while leaving plenty of memory and connection interfaces to develop your own daughter boards. The TZ card was developed with a “horse shoe” shape to give as much space as possible to the daughter cards should you need to accommodate large components on both sides.

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