S3 Series

The PhotonCom Fiber Optical Matrix Switch S3 Series uses a non-blocking bidirectional architecture. This programmable optical fiber switch can be controlled using the front panel keys or via RS-232 and Ethernet. The S3 series of switches is offered in configuration of 4x4, 4x8 and 8x8 all built into a compact 1U standard 19 inches rackmount chassis. Its switching system allows for a longer operational life, as well as reducing risk of downtime associated with any electromechanically driven assembly (because of its "Solid State" switching system). It is an affordable solution for replacing aging electromechanical switches.



S3 Series

Key Features

Fast switching time
Non-blocking bidirectional
No wear out
Simple and easy GUI
RS-232 and Ethernet SCPI Interface

S3 Series


Fiberoptic network components measurement
Connection to multiple test equipment
Multi-unit testing
Research and development
Telecommunication environment

S3 Series

Custom Configurations

Custom configurations are available upon request.


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